Facilities | Welcome to Dr. Nitte Shankara Adyanthaya Memorial Pre-University College, Nitte


  • Library

    Library has a good stock of reference books, text books, general books, magazines, journals etc. Total number of books in the library - 9423
    Reference books and Text books - 5718
    General books - 3693
    For digitalization, we have purchased 2 tabs in which we installed CET & NEET software which helps to the students to learn CET & NEET related problems.

  • Classrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Co-curricular and extra- curricular activities
  • Soft skills training
  • Teacher-Guardian Scheme
  • NSS
  • Remedial teaching
  • Merit/Sports Scholarships
  • Indoor Stadium
  • Basket ball, Hockey Coaching
  • College Buses for transport
  • Health Care

    All Students are covered under “medicare scheme” which entitles them to medical and dental treatment.